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Privacy Preserving . Contactless . 24/7 Smart Monitoring .

What Is PreSAGE?

Our AI identifies imminent bed exits and gives care staff at least 15s lead time to intervene, preventing potential falls. Reduces Falls by over 30%.
The sensor only picks up temperature readings and is free from Patient Identifiable Information (PII). Protects hospitals from data leaks and patient's identity.
Quietly keeping patients and staff safe round the clock, in the background. Increases manpower efficiency by 67%, Saves Care Staff an estimated 4 hours per day.
Alarms are automatically disabled when a staff intervenes. Patients and Staff don't have to wear anything or setup any special equipment.
Care Staff can completely focus on the patient. Patients do not have to wear anything uncomfortable.
Simple user interface to remotely monitor (live view), turn/off device and silence alarms. Accessible from any type of device with internet.
Empower Care Staff with the ability to customise the solution to the changing needs of patients.
Management can access playback for post-incident investigations.Transforms point of care with true insight. Apply corrective and preventive measures tailored to each patient's needs.

How It Works


When PreSAGE picks up a potential bed exit, a physical alarm unit outside the room and a notification on the webapp is triggered, with the live view popping up.


Healthcare staff notices physical alarm or dashboard being triggered and responds to patient immediately.


When healthcare staff arrives at scene, PreSAGE® detects staff's presence and turns off alarm automatically, so staff can focus 100% on the patient's needs.

Today, PreSAGE® is deployed in more than a 1000 beds in Singapore and Thailand, in both privately-operated and government-funded Hospitals, Nursing homes, and in both Private and Open Ward Environments.

Image 1

PreSAGE® device installed on the ceiling overseeing the bed area, in a privately-operated hospital room.

Image 2

PreSAGE® devices on the ceiling, protecting nursing home residents in a co-shared cubicle with more than 6 beds.


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Dr Hoi Shuyin

Chief Nurse

"PreSAGE's AI-enabled technology, privacy preserving, and continuous monitoring features have helped reduce our patients' risk for falls."

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Ms Elaine Choo

Deputy Director, Nursing

"The continuous monitoring by the PreSAGE bed exit prediction and prevention system has helped us prevent falls in the isolation rooms."

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Ms Chan Mei Mei

Deputy Director, Nursing

"The PreSAGE system leverages on smart video analytics, rendering it an effective and time-saving fall prevention system."

Recent Recognition

We are honored to have received these awards, nominations, and accolades.

Startup Of The Year Finalist

Top 15 I-to-I Innovation Hub Showcase - 46th World Hospital Congress

OCBC Emerging Enterprise
2023 Winner

ATC Entrepreneur 100

ATC Singapore SME 500

ATC Singapore SME 500

World Information Technology and Services Alliance (WITSA)
Global ICT Excellence Awards
2021 Runner Up

Singapore Techblazer
Best Adoption (Public Sector)
2020 Finalist

Asia Pacific HIMSS-Elsevier Digital Healthcare Award
Outstanding ICT Innovation

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