How does it works?

Bedside Alarm Recognition (BAR)

ALl medical equipment trigger audio alarms to indicate a need for human intervention, whether it is the end of a procedure or some form of malfunctioning. While medical equipment is highly regulated to ensure that alarms are triggered accurately and timely, this does not ensure that nurses are able to observe and subseuqently attend to the alarm when one is raised. This is especially true in isolation treatment rooms with a connecting anteroom in between.

The PreSAGE Bedside Alarm Recognition (BAR) solution is designed specifically to solve this problem faced globally by healthcare professionals. Based on proprietary audio signal processing and machine learning techniques, the BAR solution recognises medical alarms at bedside in real time. Once BAR recognises a medical alarm, it triggers an external alarm that is deployed outside the room where it is likely to be heard by medical staff. Significant emphasis is also placed on the operative design of the BAR solution: BAR will automatically return to an active monitoring mode where the nurse eventually rectifies the medical equipment alarm. In short, a totally hands free and intelligent solution.