CoNEX Healthcare Raises Fresh Funds

CoNEX Healthcare Raises Fresh Funds
  • CoNEX Healthcare has raised an undisclosed 7-figure amount in its latest round of funding  
  • Plans to scale-up deployment for upcoming committed projects in private and public hospitals in both Singapore and overseas

With these new funds, CoNEX Healthcare will be looking to scale deployment of our flagship PreSAGE® Bed-exit Prediction and Prevention system in public and private hospitals in Singapore and overseas.

Funds will also be utilised for the deployment of next-generation continuous monitoring features such as non-contact temperature and respiratory trending that improves the clinical assessment of inpatients.

High fall-risk patients comprise up to 50% of all hospital patients every single day. CoNEX Healthcare’s flagship PreSAGE® platform utilises predictive analytics and artificial intelligence to aid healthcare workers in pre-empting and predicting fall prevention.

This ensures every bed side visit by nurses is purposeful, and their time is optimised to provide the best care possible for all patients.