PreSAGE®: Mass Temperature Screening Solution

PreSAGE® is an award-winning predictive healthcare monitoring platform that emphasizes on three key design principles – non-contact, non-intrusive and continuous surveillance. Developed by a multidisciplinary team comprising of clinicians, data scientists and engineers, PreSAGE® is currently deployed in hospital wards to predict bed-exits by high fall-risk patients, allowing nurses to intervene before the occurrence of an unassisted bed-exit.

PreSAGE® can also be used for real-time mass temperature screening. An individual with elevated temperature can be identified on the system, allowing screening staff to observe the individual easily and timely. Screening staff no longer need to manually check every individual’s temperature, which improves the productivity and operations, and reduces everyone’s risk of exposure to individuals with elevated temperatures.

How IT Works


The PreSAGE® sensor is mounted on a tripod overlooking the ingress of visitors.  The sensor is powered via an USB to a windows desktop or laptop, running a dedicated software (Fig. 1).  

Fig. 1: PreSAGE® Temperature Screening Set-up




Based on a pre-set threshold, any individual whose temperature falls within this range will trigger an alarm via the computer software.  On the screen, the regions where temperatures fall within this pre-set threshold will be marked red (Fig 2).  Screening staff can then intercept the individual for verification checks. 

Fig. 2: An individual with elevated temperature as observed by PreSAGE®