PreSAGE Deployment: Mass Temp Screening

PreSAGE Deployment: Mass Temp Screening

In light of the recent COvid-19 virus outbreak in Singapore, PreSAGE has repurposed and redeployed for mass temperature screening, outlining it’s versatility. Here are some of the places which PreSAGE has been deployed:

PreSAGE deployed outside AE Clinic Fernvale together with Dr Alex Wong and Conexhealth CEO Mrs Tan Swee Yen. PreSAGE alerts the clinic assistant if a patient has fever, allowing for earlier consultation if necessary.

PreSAGE was also set up at G Dental Center to serve the same purpose.

Mr Brian Cheung and Dr James Tan at G Dental Center.

Front Entrance of the Dental Clinic

PreSAGE at QCD Westgate

PreSAGE being used at the entrance of both QCD Wheelock and QCD Westgate to screen customers for fever. QCD Technology is a leading Apple Authorised Service Provider, with branches all over South East Asia.