Round-the-clock Patient Safety

Thermography is independent of lighting conditions, providing the same high quality contrast be it night or day, regardless of whether the lights are switched on or off.

By comparison, systems based on optical images would either fail to operate at night or require the switching to infrared night-mode.


PreSAGE® uses infrared sensors that detect radiation that produces images called thermograms. These thermograms are of high clarity that enables the system to identify objects of interest easily.

The usage of infrared sensors prevents any person from being identified as there are no distinguishable facial features. Similarly, body features cannot be identified as they are of relatively similar temperature.

Presage therefore preserves patient’s privacy – an important feature in a healthcare institution.

Improved Efficiency

We understand how hectic and busy operations in the ward can be. As such, PreSAGE® is designed to integrate seamlessly into existing operations and make things better.

PreSAGE® identifies presence of people, allowing alarms to be turned off automatically when a nurse rushes to intervene a bed-exit – a totally hands-free solution!