PreSAGE®: The Next Revolutionary Step In Healthcare

Inpatient falls and fall-related injuries have always been complex world-wide challenges, involving primarily hip fractures  and head injuries. Patients who fall require further medical attention from the care team, extended length of hospital stay, increased hospitalization costs and additional administrative work such as engaging patient’s family members. Majority of inpatient falls are unwitnessed, which makes investigational work and future improvements nearly impossible. These are unnecessary problems to an already manpower-starved healthcare problem faced world-wide.

PreSAGE® is a predictive patient monitoring platform that emphasizes on three key design principles – non-contact, non-intrusive and continuous surveillance. Developed by a multidisciplinary team comprising of clinicians, data scientists and engineers, PreSAGE® is the result of a successful collaboration between CoNEX Healthcare Pte Ltd and Tan Tock Seng Hospital, Singapore. PreSAGE® is trained based on novel machine learning and image processing techniques, coupled with deep understanding on nursing operational requirements.

PreSAGE® transforms how nursing care is delivered, essentially redefining the hospital workplace, improving nursing productivity and efficiency. A PreSAGE® for every bed, quality care for every patient.